Understanding the Facts of How Solar Energy Works

how solar energy works

This article was updated on 07 June 2023 Chances are you have wondered “how does solar energy work?”, and it’s a completely reasonable question. Solar energy has exploded throughout the U.S. in recent years, and it has become a viable solution for powering both homes and commercial buildings all over. This energy source is completely … Read more

12 Surprising Facts About Solar Energy You Need to Know

solar energy the most abundant energy source

These days more and more people have become all too aware of the serious issue that is climate change, and solar energy offers one potential solution to this problem. Chances are you have seen at least commercial buildings that operate partially or completely on solar energy, and many private residences are becoming powered by the … Read more

Total Solar Energy Consumption Globally

solar energy world use

Solar energy has become incredibly popular in the last few years. In the past five years, the consumption of solar energy has more then trebled. As of now, the world uses around 270 GW of solar energy, which is a 20 percent rise from the previous year. However, its overall share in total energy consumption … Read more

Why China Is The Biggest Producer Of Solar Power?

solar energy in china

There are many people who have been thinking that China cannot be a champion for clean energy just because of the frequent problems that are usually associated with smog and their use of coal power. However, that may not be the case considering that the National Energy Administration of China has revealed that the production … Read more

Growth of Solar Energy Projects Throughout the World

Solar panels photovoltaic cells

During last two decades the growth of solar energy projects all over the world has shown  considerable increment. Initially it evolved for small scale applications which, with the passage of time, gradually developed today as main source of electric energy, due to technological developments. Initially solar energy was recognised as a promising technology of renewable … Read more