About Us

Our vision

is a world with clean energy for prosperity and sustainability

Our mission

is to bring the power of the sun closer to you through lifelong empowering of people, communities, and businesses to enjoy solar energy.

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At OurSolarEnergy, we recognize that solar power, as one of the best sources of renewable energy in terms of cost, efficiency and safety, is not just meant to keep the lights on but is an investment in the future.

Solar power inspires the pursuit of self-reliance, independence, and sustainable living in communities.

Solar power is an opportunity to live unbound while taking care of the future!

We ensure sustainable self-reliance

OurSolarEnergy has maintained the focus on making clean energy accessible and affordable to everyone. It does not matter whether you’re off-grid or on-grid or somewhere in between, we serve every customer with our quality products and customized approach to their needs and desires.

We recognize that our clients may need something to serve their needs of the moment, but still wants something that will take them to the future through a clean and sustainable power source. From solar panels to solar power banks and battery storage solutions, we sell all solar-related products to ensure you’re not left behind in the journey to a sustainable future.

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Join our Community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/oursolarenergy/

We thrive in reliability, honesty, and expertise

We pride ourselves on the wide range of solar products we offer to our clients. OurSolarEnergy is a one-stop-shop for all solar products for those looking to live both unbound and sustainably.

With our products, we are 100% sure you will be able to take control of all your renewable energy needs with much ease.

We understand that our clients do not only need quality, but reliable service, honest description of our products and sales process, and expert support. You can count on us to provide variety, technical support, and appropriate advice based on your needs.

We offer wide choices, customer control, and lifelong support

We are a company that relies on a wider customer base with a wide range of needs. OurSolarEnergy has its roots in ensuring product variety for our clients with unmatched customer support, which allows customers to take control.

How does it work?

We source for a variety of solar products and take our clients through the technical specification of the product, and technical advice based on a client’s needs, environment, lifestyle, and preferences.

As you buy from us, you get customized support from our experienced expert who will take you through getting a tailored solution to fit all your requirements. From here, you take complete control of your project with full access to equipment from reputable manufacturers.

From the first time of inquiry to the time of purchase and installation, we ensure you get adequate support that will give you full control over your project for self-reliance. We are here to be your full-time reliable renewable energy partner.

Don’t compromise when building your solar system!

We ship all over the world

With our wide range of products, you could be wondering how you will be getting your solar product when you buy from us. Suppose you buy this MIT’s simple 3D solar array from us, we will ship it to wherever you are anywhere in the world.

We have worked with off-grid homeowners, government agencies, farmers, business owners, and individuals among others. Some of our solar products can be used to define.

We love the challenge, because if it can be done, then we’ll help you figure out how you can do it. Our product recommendations are based on experience and technical know-how. We enjoy the energy independence that comes with photovoltaic and solar power. Our inspiration is to see solar power accessible to all based on an affordable pricing technique.

Why focus on off-grid solar power systems?

Some of the biggest challenges of many energy sources are high cost and less affordability. Off-grid solar power offers the solution to these problems because the cost of maintenance is extremely low and is one of the cleanest renewable energy sources, hence sustainable. For instance, you can build a house and live with all the comforts of a city house. Whether connected with the utility grid, you can still have a solar system installed to cut the cost of electricity, hence lowering the cost of city life by a huge margin.


In other words, you’re your own electricity company if you install off-grid solar power. Taking advantage of the abundant sun in your locality to tap on the solar power, store the power in batteries, and use it later, is quite a deal. You can use an off-grid inverter to convert the DC energy from solar panels and batteries into AC electricity which powers normal appliances.

Our off-grid power system will give you freedom but also comes with an enormous responsibility to maintain it- because it is your valuable resource powering your home.

Plan your off-grid solar system

A typical off-grid solar power system is consisting of solar panels connected to a control system that controls the pace at which batteries are recharged. The system is further connected to the battery bank. To convert the energy, you will need an off-grid inverter to convert the DC electricity stored in the battery bank to AC electricity which can be used in home appliances.

Even though the older off-grid solar systems were inefficient, they pioneered the solar power energy production that led to more innovations such as the “backyard power plant”, 3D solar array, developed by MIT that has been found to reduce the power bill by up to 65%.

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Learn more about the 3D solar array

To help our clients adopt modern technology, we offer the modern off-grid solar equipment, including off-grid inverters, energy-efficient lighting, propane and DC appliances, affordable solar panels, and backup solar equipment.

What’s more? We help our customers plan their off-grid solar systems to cut the cost of electricity when they use it for lighting, on appliances such as refrigerators and water pumps among others.

To help you understand the type of solar system that fits your needs, contact us to guide you on such questions as:

  • The load needs based on your planned usage;
  • The number of days without the sun;
  • The largest load you expect to run;
  •  Your budget; and
  • The types of energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

We are your solar power partner. We strive to bring the power of the sun to you!