The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Solar Deals 2018

There are two days that you need to mark on your calendar on this last quarter of 2018: Friday, November 23 and Monday, November 26.

If you are wondering why you must live under the rock. It is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are the two main shopping events of the year.Whether you are a credit card company, a retailer or just plain deal-hungry consumer, it will be the most wonderful time of the year.There are a huge number of manufacturers, developers, and retailers, who will be launching the pre-Christmas shopping season with their products.
 All of them vying for the consumer’s attention and their money.If you think solar products are not included in this shopping frenzy, you are wrong.For consumers who are waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to score some great deals, you do not have to join the massive crowd to get big savings.We scour the web for the best deals on solar products as the day unfold. This article will give you some insider tips and tricks to get the best products with great savings.Before we delve into the highlight, let us first get to know how Black Friday differs from Cyber Monday.Black Friday Solar Products  

What is the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

There is not much difference between the two in terms of discounts.

In fact, many deals offered by retailers will start from Black Friday and will last all the way through Cyber Monday. Originally these two are not connected.Black Friday originated from the 1950s in Philadelphia. The police coined the term because the Friday after Turkey Day is the annual football game between the Army and the Navy and is a busy day for them.People would descend into the city, and retailers would take advantage of the crowd by offering big sales. It did not get its awesome reputation until the 80s.Cyber Monday, on the other hand, came into fruition in 2005 by the retailer’s association. They notice that the people continued shopping online on Monday after Thanksgiving.Black Friday was supposed to be for consumer electronics, and Cyber Monday is for fashion items. However, you cannot tell the difference now. You can get big discounts on either day no matter what.

Best Solar Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

If you are waiting all year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get your solar products on sales; you need to check out this article. Most of the deals for solar products fly off the radar because the market is not yet saturated.
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Our list is per category so you will not get lost to find what you are looking for. We have sifted through each category and their barrage of promotions to give you an idea on the deals for solar products.

The Best Solar Panels

renogy-off-grid-solar-kits-starter100dwd30-64_amazonThis solar panel starter kit is perfect for a starter who wants to hit the ground on renewable energy. This is great for trailers, RVs, sheds, boats, and cabin as it is an off-grid application.Perfect for camping and outdoor adventures. You can have a quiet power source and enjoy nature as it is because this kit is quiet. Buying this kit will give you grid independence, and you can extend your trip further because of your unlimited electricity.Included in the starter kit are all the tools necessary for you to generate your own electricity: a solar panel in 100 watts 12 Volts capacity, 20 Ft 10AWG MC4 Kit, 30A PWM Wanderer Charge Controller, 8Ft 10AWG Tray cable and a set of Z- brackets. This is enough to give you 500-Watts electricity daily depending on the sunlight. renogy-off-grid-solar-kits-starter400d-wd-64 amazonAnother solar starter kit from Renogy but this time with higher wattage at 400. You can use this kit on your outdoor trip and install it on your RV, boat, sheds or cabin.You can have an ideal output of 2000Wh daily; it can fully charge a 200Ah battery halfway in 3 hours depending on the availability of sunlight. This is enough for your extended travels without worrying about your power source. You will surely enjoy the quiet energy production and its grid independence.The solar starter kit includes the complete tools necessary to start using solar as a renewable energy source. The only difference with this kit is you have a new 30A PWM Negative-Ground Charge Controller called the Renogy Wanderer. HQST-PREMIUM-400D-amazonBoating is a great activity in the summer. To some people, they enjoy it as a hobby. However, we also need to keep our batteries charged while boating.Bring a generator can be a burden because watercraft cannot accommodate huge weight and space. The only solution is to bring a portable energy source other than batteries.This starter kit has lightweight solar panels. You can use them in RVs, boats, tent or cabin. It has 20 Amp Duo Battery Charge Controller, which allows charging multiple batteries. It is ideal to place in tight spaces and other areas with limitation.

Best Portable Solar Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station GeneratorThis is all-in-one power station can charge anything, be it your smartphone, cameras, laptops, CPAP, drones and other devices. It is also a useful power source when camping out of electricity line, during festivals while hunting and even at home as an emergency power supply during an electricity outage.Compared to the traditional generator, the Jackery Portable Power Generator is quiet, clean and eco-friendly. It is equipped with lithium battery pack, and you can simply recharge it for 8-10 hours in solar panels or 5 hours using the wall socket. You will appreciate its LCD screen that displays battery status and the helpful flashlight. The Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Solar Deals 2018 1One of the exciting highlights of this product is its 200W Pure Sine Power inverter that gives you clean power that will not short circuit your device. It is a powerful generator in a small package with an incredible capacity of charging smartphones 20 times over and can supply laptops, mini fridge and practically everything that needs electricity on your camping trip.Aside from this, it also has a battery management system, which improves its battery life and will prevent overheating. It also regulates the flow of current. Charging the Suaoki 222Wh Portable Generator is easy, you only need to plug it in a wall socket or connect it to a portable solar panel.

Best Portable Solar Charger

Suaoki-60W-Solar-Panel-5V-USB-and-18V-DC-OutputThis solar charger is all about convenience. You will be impressed by the shape and size of this model, which is designed in the size of A4 paper. It is so convenient you can carry them in your backpack. You can even attach it at the back of your backpack to charge while on a hike.The highlight of its features is the charging system of this device. Its design is to let the user charge whenever they want with whatever device. The dual port output is a clear indication that it is made to have multi-functionality. With the dual port, the user can simultaneously charge USB devices and DC power at the same time. Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging KitVenture 30 is a solidly built and smartly designed charger that will keep your devices charged while you are on an adventure in the wilderness or when there is electricity interruption at home.It is consist of two folding solar panels, a zippered mesh holder for the detachable battery and three short wires. Judging by how it looks it is a user-friendly piece of device. To charge it you simply need to plug the battery and expose the solar panel to the sun.The solar panels are waterproof and can charge two devices. The solar charging time is about 6-8 hours. When fully charged five lights will be on display in increments of 20 percent. All in all, the system is easy to use, the design is simple and you will have a clean conscience will be powering your devices. Anker Power Port 21WThis is a compact and lightweight panel but with high efficiency and very good charging capabilities. The addition 6W from its predecessor has given this charger more power to charge multiple devices and charge them efficiently.This product is durable and well made from polymer-faced solar cells that are surrounded by durable polyester canvas. The construction and materials used rendered it durable and given the ability to withstand the harsh conditions outdoors.The Anker Power port 21W has the ability to charge one or more devices and can recover its charge even faster. It can also work even on overcast days.

Best Solar Power Charger Bank

RAVPower 25000mAh Solar Portable ChargerIf you need an all-around solar battery charger, then this product is the best choice, and it will not cost you a fortune. It has a huge capacity at 24000mAh on its Li-polymer batteries and three large solar panels; it is compatible with all devices.The dual USB allows you to charge two devices at the same time and you get a flashlight with the powerful LED light. You can use Steady-SOS-Strobe mode of the flashlight for outdoor activities and for an emergency.It has a multi-protect safety featuring a rugged design, dustproof and even shockproof. The Intelligent Protection System is very effective in preventing the device for overcharging, short circuit and overcurrent. It even has a metal hook for mounting. Solar Power Bank Qi Wireless Charger 10 000mAh AmazonThis 10000mAh power bank is the best product for the adventure lovers and people who want to stay outdoors. It gives a tangle free and cable-free experience when you are charging a Qi-enabled device. You can charge this solar power bank in two ways: in a power outlet or through the sunlight. However, it is better to use the solar charging ability in cases of emergency only.The Blavor solar power wireless charger is made from premium materials that is why it is durable and sturdy. It also has a splash-proof, dustproof and shockproof feature. Included in its feature are the USB and Type C ports, a compass kit and two flashlights. All of which are useful during an emergency. RAVPower 25000mAh Solar Portable ChargerThis portable solar charger has a power capacity of 25000mAh, which is a lot higher than the normal solar power charger. You can use this to charge your portable devices to full power about five times.It has a Quick Charge port that can charge compatible devices. The output charging of this power bank is another good feature. It has three output ports to charge the devices simultaneously. It has two USB-A ports and a USB-C port for compatible devices.This model is made for the outdoors, and this is evident in its rugged construction, and like other products in the same category, it is also shockproof, dustproof and waterproof.Other additional features will be the LED flashlight that works in three modes: SOS, strong and probe. It also has an integrated hanging ring for easy mounting.

Best Solar Powered Flashlight

LED Tactical Flashlights SetThis is a multipurpose flashlight that can be a Car flashlight, emergency light, and tactical multi-functional flashlight equipped with a window breaker, a seat belt cutter, a compass for traveling, camping or just finding your way when you are lost.The flashlight has seven working modes; you only have to press the switch to change them. Its beam is so powerful it can reach up to a good 700 feet.For ease of use, it has a hands-free feature. There is a powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight, which you can attach to a metallic surface while you work. This way you can use it as a camping light too. It is built to last being water-resistant and shock resistant; it can weather even the harshest condition. MECO Hand Cranking Solar Powered Rechargeable FlashlightThis solar powered flashlight is highly recommended for all hikers and campers as a backup for emergency. It is lightweight and cheap as an emergency light.The cranking system is efficient enough that six minutes of cranking can give you an hour of light. Its solar energy collections are also efficient and with just a few hours of storing it can light up to an hour.Since the energy source is coming from two different means, when you run out of solar power you can crank it. The kinetic energy that it produces will give you the light that you need.What is good about this device is it is very affordable, compact and easy to carry along. This is the perfect flashlight that every adventure lover must have. Thorfire IPX6 Hand Crank and Solar FlashlightThorfire Solar Powered flashlight is a small flashlight that produces a good amount of light. It is a better cranking flashlight because, with just one minute, you will have a lot of light.Your hands will not tire of repeatedly cranking the flashlight. If you don’t like cranking there is the solar powered option which is also very efficient because just an hour of exposure in the direct sunlight is enough for 120 minutes of light.Its size is also a good feature because it is small enough to fit in your glove box or if you will bring them on your adventure; it will be enough to fit in the pocket of your backpack. It is lightweight because it is made from hard plastic.The IPX6 on its description is a rating that means you can submerge it in water up to 45 feet. The flashlight has three LED bulbs with three modes: one LED, 3 LED and the SOS mode. It is a must buy because it looks classy and stylish.

Advanced Solar Products

This powerful equipment has the ability to roll about 70 pounds of the waterlogged solar blanket with just a push of a button. Enjoy the outdoors at night with solar panel supplies power for LED lights, which is equipped with a charger for the LED lights and USB port to charge all kinds of mobile phones. It is multi-purpose as you can use it as a canopy.ATLeasure-solar-lighted-umbrella-12 suaoki_clover style_18 led_camping_lanternA versatile lighting source has three individual solar panels for charging. You can also charge it to a wall socket with the micro USB port. This Solar Camping Lantern is easy to carry and perfect for outdoor activities like camping or hiking.The hidden hook is used for hanging so you can place them overhead. It also has a smart protection chip that prevents the lantern from overcharging.  Odoland USB Rechargeable SolarThis lantern can have two power sources: from solar power or via the USB Plug. You can hang it on the tent with 20 hours of uninterrupted lighting with just one charge.It is lightweight and just the right size to occupy a space on your backpack. The carabineer on its top can also be used to hang the lantern on your backpack straps.   BioLite Sunlight Solar PoweredThis is personal solar LED lantern that you can charge using the micro USB port or by the power of the sun.It provides about 50 hours of adjustable light when on low setting and four hours when on high. You can switch the color of the light choosing from the full spectrum of the rainbow. What is good about it is the built-in sundial that maximizes its recharging speed but having an optimal alignment with the sun.

How to Stay Safe during Black Friday

Now that you have an idea of what your items you can buy to take advantage of the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for your most coveted solar products, these are the necessary precaution for your safety during this shopping season: Homework helps during Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays. You have to be vigilant so as not to be fooled by the retailer’s shenanigans. There is an App available to help you root out these fakes. Download the free Amazon App Sign up for Prime to get early deal access. Start your 30 Day free trial of Amazon Prime. Buying products online has layers of protection and legislation. Make sure that you buy only from legit online sellers. Do not just click email links offering you good deals; you should be wary of them as they are rampant during this season. If you online make sure you have anti-malware software that is updated to block fraudsters, phishers, and scammers. Lastly, check return policies. Avoid impulse buying because the hangover is not good. 

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