5 Totally Cool Products That Run on Solar Power

When it comes to solar power, it seems that there are more and more gadgets popping up in the market.

Solar is also growing in the energy market as a popular source of energy. With more solar fields being constructed, more home owners putting solar panels on their homes, and solar beginning to take precedence in the energy world in general, we’re taking some time to focus on a few quirky uses for solar power.

cool solar powered Products

Check out our list of five great– and slightly unusual– ways to use solar power.

With millions of solar installations happening globally every year, we could be looking at the beginning of a future that is at least partially powered by our very own Sun. Viva la solar!

1. Solar Tents

Those who are really into camping may already know about this solar-powered tent!

When it comes to the outdoors, now you can camp in style.

solar tentsA solar powered tent lets you get all the energy from the sun and use it for a variety of pretty awesome purposes.

You can charge your smartphone or phone so easily without having to drain the battery or turn your car on to get your phone up a little bit.

With everyone having smartphones these days, it’ll be nice to have such a cool and convenient feature built into your tent.

A solar-powered tent is perfect because generally, most people go camping during the warmer, sunnier months.

Not only can you easily charge your phone, you can also produce a little heat for chillier nights AND provide light at night without requiring a flashlight or lamp. There are many varieties out there, so research and find the one you like the most!

5 Totally Cool Products That Run on Solar Power 1

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Written by Edward Perlman


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