How Efficient Are Pool Solar Panels to Keep your Pool Nice and Warm?

Saving costs on energy are one of the most significant goals of every homeowner no matter where they are located in the world.

While many people pursuing this are financially motivated, there are quite a few of them that are very conscious about the environment.

Is not surprising to find that many of these homeowners have a pool at their properties these days, it’s one of the most common amenities that a household can offer, but not everyone can handle the varying temperatures of the water on any given season.

That’s why there is technology out there that allows you to heat up or warm the swimming pool so that it can be enjoyed at any time.

 Solar Swimming Pool Heaters


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First-Hand facts about Solar Panel Technology

The problem with modern heating energy systems is that most of them consume a lot of energy and any electricity bill will go through the roof if we keep the system working at al moments.

The good news is that there is a green solution to this issue that works just as good with none of the expenses related to it. Of course, we are talking here about setting up a set of pool solar panels that will reduce the costs of keeping your pool at the right temperature, and it will keep a low count of carbon emissions for those who are environmentally conscious.

While this technology is available worldwide, the countries located in sunny regions are the ones that can make the best use of it.

One of the many worries about switching to solar panel technology to keep your pool warm is the costs that come with it. We can’t lie about this: it’s not exactly cheap for many people, the final price depends on the size of your household and the type of pool you have.

A middle-sized house can take just a few panels with a full set up bill of about $2,000, while bigger households will probably require more equipment and setups that can cost as high as $7,000.

Pool solar panels have been around for some time now, and while the costs sound high, they are actually very cheap and more efficient than the first models that came out nearly ten years ago.

Gas powered heaters running on electrical power will bill you twice monthly. These panels will charge you just once in life.

How does Pool Solar Panels Work?

The technology itself is quite simple:

solar-pool-heating-systemA pool valve takes the water through a 3-way system to get the water at the right temperature by making it go through the solar panels. Unlike gas-powered systems, pool solar panels don’t work 24/7.

They are better suited to keep a steady temperature on your pool as long as the sun shines. If you are expecting a heated pool at nights you need to know that it won’t last too long if the air temperature is low.

If you want to keep the water heated for a morning swim, you will need to cover it with a pool blanket, and if you live on a place that gets the four stations, you will likely need to take down the solar panels during winter to avoid any damage to them during the season.

The 3-Way system working alongside your pool solar panels consist of a pool valve, a pump, and a filter.

These essential components work alongside each other to keep the flow of water to the panels and back to the pool on steady settings, and they can perform much better if you line them with an automatic valve controller.

The most modern options can be handled using an app in your smartphone. There are other setting options you can consider to have a green heating system that will work as good as an electric powered one.

The first option is to use T-pipes in the return lines of the water released from the panels to get an even distribution of the heat in the pool.

Another option is to use the same number of panels as your pool area to keep a proportioned relation between the amount of heat received and the size of the pool.

There are many more, but they are all mostly related to the size of your place.

Advantages of Working with Pool Solar Panels

If you still haven’t quite grasped the benefits of having pool solar panels installed at your home to get a warm pool all year ‘round, we have out a short t list of the advantages you will get after making this standalone investment.

How Efficient Are Pool Solar Panels to Keep your Pool Nice and Warm? 1


Take a moment to sit back learn how much you are getting:

  • Noticeable Reduced Costs on Energy Each Month

No more electric bills that challenge your monthly budget. Solar panels work following the same principles as traditional heathers by using the everlasting power of the sun. Your pool will always be as warm as you want with this technology.

  • No Limits to your Enjoyment

So many homeowners limit the use of their pools to summertime that is almost sad to remember that most of them have to pay for maintenance costs year-round. With pool solar panel technology you can use your favorite house amenity at any season as long as the sun is there for you.

  • Underrated Performance

There are a lot of people out there gaining awareness about solar panel technology and one of the most appealing features of it: It’s meant to last longer than any electrically based option.

Solar panels have a lifespan of nearly 30 years as long as it has the proper care and maintenance.

  • It Helps the Environment

Even if you don’t care about these features (even if you should), you will be helping the planet big time if you choose to go with pool solar panels for your home.

There will be zero carbon emissions coming from your home, and you’ll avoid any electrical hazards near your pool area.

As for the means to keep up this tech running correctly, the system needs to be checked by a proper technician once a year, so no big worries on your end there as long as you have the right service to work with.