The 5 Best Solar Lights Outdoor Review

There are a number of reasons why you should consider the purchase of solar lights outdoors.

If you were to install conventional lighting outdoors then you would face an expensive installation process, and it would cost you every time you used them by having to pay more on your energy bill.

Solar Lights Outdoor

So why not think about using solar lighting where you can use the free sunlight to provide your outdoor lighting?

You do not have to live in a tropical environment to use solar lighting outdoors. As long as you get some sunlight for a few hours you can benefit and your lights will charge. So make the decision now to install solar lighting outdoors.

Best Solar Lights Outdoor 2018

Product NameMaterialIP65 WaterproofSensing range 
URPOWER Solar Lights PlasticYes10 feet
Litom 24 LED High-strength ABSYes26 feet
Vagavo Aluminum alloy + PCYes32 feet
Wbesev Aluminum AlloyYes26 feet
HerrysHome Aluminum AlloyYes32 feet

It is vital that you have the information that you need to choose the best solar lights outdoor for you. There are a lot of outdoor solar lights on the market so it took a lot of time and effort to sift through them to choose the best five for you to look at.

Each one of the solar lights outdoor that made our top five has their own review so that you can read about each one and decide which one is for you. With each of the top 5 solar outdoor lights we look carefully at the customer reviews and summarize them into pros and cons for each product.

Urpower Solar Lights 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light Review

The Urpower Solar Lights are very easy to install in your drive or yard. There is no wiring to contend with and all you need is to place them in a position that receives direct sunlight.

These solar lights outdoor have IP64 waterproofing and heat proofing and will be able to withstand most weather conditions.URPOWER Solar Lights

In our tests it took around 7 hours to fully charge these solar lights outdoor from a dead battery situation.

This means that the lights will be effective even in winter time when the sunlight hours are limited. Once charged we achieved 10 – 12 hours of light which is impressive.

There is a motion sensor in the lights and this works up to a distance of three meters and it has a 120° detection range. Each light has 8 LED’s that provide a strong and bright light.

The lights will switch on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn. The lights have a 10 Lux rating and the solar rechargeable battery is 3.7 volts and 900 mAh.

The Urpower Solar Lights are a good size and have measurements of 4.7 inches by 5.7 inches by 8.8 inches. The four lights weigh 1.4 pounds combined. By using 8 LED’s per light the brightness is better than 4 LED models and saves power when compared to 12 LED models.

These solar lights outdoor are sold as a pack of four. The LED lights have a 5 year life span or 50,000 hours.

The Urpower Solar Lights are our top rated solar lights outdoor as they are good performers and the fact that you get 4 lights in a pack makes them great value for money as well.

Pros of the Urpower Solar Lights

Customer review summaries:  

“These lights look really great” – a few customers made the remark that the Urpower Solar Lights looked really good in their drive or yard. There were comments about them having a modern design and complimenting their gardens.

“Very bright lights” – there were reviews that said things like “super bright” and “very bright” when referring to the LED’s in these solar lights outdoor. People were happy in general with the 8 LED’s per light.

“The motion sensors work really well” – there were several people who stated that the motion sensors were very effective in the Urpower Solar Lights. Customers liked the way that the sensors operated.

“These lights are really good value for money” – there were lots of comments from customers about the value that these solar lights outdoor provide. The fact that there are four lights in a pack was really appreciated by most purchasers.

Cons of the Urpower Solar Lights

Customer review summaries: 

“The lights didn’t work” – a few customers had the experience that the lights did not work when they received them. This is bad luck and not the overwhelming opinion. The purchasers can exchange faulty products for new.

“Lights are not charging” – a handful of customers stated that they tried for several days to charge the lights in the sun and this didn’t work. This is certainly not the consensus view and these products probably had a fault.

Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor Review

If you are looking for super brightness with your solar lights outdoor then the Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor could be the one for you to go for.

Each light has 24 powerful LED’s and this includes three on each side. This will illuminate a pretty wide area and it is one of the brightest solar lights for outdoors that we have ever tested.Litom 24 LED Solar Lights

These solar lights outdoor have a unique design and will provide over 500 lumens of light. The three LED’s on each corner are a good idea and really brighten up the illuminated area. So if you want wide area lighting then think about these lights.

Setting up the Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor is really easy. There are no wires of course and all that you need to do is place the lights in an area that receives direct sunlight. You will need as much sunlight as it is possible to get to charge up these lights.

There is a very sensitive motion sensor in these solar lights outdoor. We tested this up to 25 feet away and the lights came on. The manufacturer suggests that these lights are installed at a height of around 6 feet. Ours were at just over five feet and they performed well.

You have a number of functional choices with the Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor. If you need a light to be on all of the time you can have that.

There is a reduced light setting which saves battery power as well. Finally you can use the motion detector setting where that best suits your needs.

The lights are waterproof to IP65 standard and will handle rain and other weather conditions. This is a well made product that should last a long time as they have a durable feel to them. We charged the lights for a few hours (emulating winter time) and they did not fully charge.

Each light measures 5 inches by 6.3 inches by 5 inches. Four lights come in a pack and they weigh around 1.8 pounds.

If you want very bright lights with great functionality then the Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor will not disappoint you.

Pros of the Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor

Customer review summaries:  

“A very nice and bright light” – overall the customers were very impressed with the brightness of the lights and the area that they could illuminate. A lot of customers also appreciated the 180° lighting provided by the side LED’s too.

“You get a lot of lighting for the money” – there were a number of purchasers who believed that the Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor 4 pack really did represent good value for money and that there were more expensive lights out there that were not as good.

“The lights were easy to install” – quite a few customers liked the fact that installing these solar lights outdoor was very easy.

Cons of the Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor

Customer review summaries:  

“The lights are really small” – a handful of customers were disappointed at the size of the Litom 24 LED Solar Lights Outdoor. This is not a major issue and the size of the lights is clearly stated.

“Lights just stopped working one day” – there were a small number of customers who experienced their solar lights outdoor to stop working suddenly. This was certainly not the view of the majority of people that purchased these lights.


Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor Review

These are super powerful solar lights outdoor. If you want to provide bright illumination over your garage or other area outside then these will not disappoint you.

There are 48 LED’s in total which provides a light intensity of 760 lumens. We tested this and found that the brightness was really good.Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor

The Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor are made from an aluminum alloy frame which is tough and durable. The waterproofing is to the IP65 standard and we did test this solar light outdoor in heavy rain and it was not affected by it at all.

You get 4 functional modes with the Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor. There is a sensor inside so the first mode you can set is body sensor and micro mode. This means that as someone enters the are covered by the sensor the light will switch on and be bright. There is also a human body induction mode which works in a similar way.

You can have the lights on permanently with the “always light” mode. This means that as soon as night falls the light will turn on.

Finally there is an emergency light mode that will produce a bright light for half an hour then switch off.

The solar panel is rated at 5 volts and 2.2 watts. The battery is lithium and is 3.2 volts and 3000 mAh.

The induction angle for the Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor is 120° and the induction distance is a maximum of 32 feet. To fully charge the battery you will need around 8-9 hours of direct sunlight.

This is a larger solar lights outdoor than some of the others. It measures 7.1 inches by 3.5 inches and 1.8 inches. The unit weighs around 11 ounces. The Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor is a good choice due to its brightness and 4 mode functionality.

Pros of the Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor

Customer review summaries:  

“This is a great light” – a lot of customers were very impressed with the performance of this solar lights outdoor. They felt that the lights was very bright and illuminated a large area. A few people said that they liked the wide throw of light from these units.

“Great 4 mode solar lights” – the four modes of lighting provided by the Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor was another hit with the customers. Many said that it was so easy to switch from one mode to another and that they all did the job they were supposed to do.

“Very easy installation” – people really appreciated that a punch card was supplied to make the installation of these solar lights outdoor very easy. All that is required are two screws and the light is up.

Cons of the Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor

Customer review summaries:  

“Not as powerful as expected” – one person complained that the Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor was not as powerful as they had expected. This was contrary to the overall customer view and should not put you off choosing these solar lights outdoor.


Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor Review

Once again we have a very bright and powerful 48 LED solar lights outdoor unit. The Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor has a thin yet durable body and the unit can produce 760 lumens of light. Our tests proved this to be true.

Again these solar lights outdoor are made using an aluminum alloy frame which gives it a waterproof and heat proof construction. Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor

It has an IP65 waterproofing standard. We poured water over this light a few times and it stood that test.

Like the previous model there are four modes that you can set with the Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor. The built in sensor will let you set the body sensor and micro mode and the human body induction mode.

The difference between the two modes is that the first produces a dim light when people are not around and the second will switch of the light completely.

Then there is the always on mode which works when darkness falls and the emergency mode that will provide 30 minutes of the brightest light. After the half an hour has expired the light will automatically switch off.

This product has dimensions 7.1 inches by 3.5 inches by 1.8 inches and weighs just 11.7 ounces. The sensing distance is between 16 and 26 feet and we tested it to work well at around 20 feet.

You will certainly need to install the Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor in a place that receives direct sunlight.

It took over 8 hours of direct sunlight to charge the light from scratch in our tests. If the weather is cloudy then there will be some charging but it will take a lot longer.

If you are looking for bright solar lights outdoor that does not break the bank then the Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor is certainly worthy of consideration. This is a well constructed unit and the four modes all work well.

Pros of the Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor

Customer review summaries:  

“This light covers a large area” – people were impressed by the area that these solar lights outdoor covered. There were several examples provided by customers of where they had been able to successfully light up areas with this product where others had failed.

“Bright light and nice looking unit” – there were a lot of positive comments about the brightness of the light with the Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor. Many people liked the styling and the way the unit looked as well.

“Motion sensor was really good” – customers liked the motion sensor with this solar lights outdoor. They felt that it was better than other solar outdoor lights that they had purchased before.

Cons of the Wbesev Solar Lights Outdoor

Customer review summaries:  

“Battery discharges very quickly” – one customer complained that with a fully charged battery it only supplied about one hour’s worth of light. The majority of customers did mention this.

“After a while the lights stopped working” – a couple of purchasers said that their lights stopped working after a few weeks which was really disappointing. Nobody else reported this problem.


HerrysHome Super Bright 48 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor Review

You could call these solar lights outdoor the ultimate in brightness. The model has been upgraded to produce 1000 lumens of light when the battery is fully charged.

When the battery is 80% charged it will provide 800 lumens of light making it the most powerful solar light to end up in our top five list.

Like the others there are 48 LED’s with this unit. Housed in a durable and strong aluminum alloy case, each unit does not weigh very much. HerrysHome Super Bright Solar Lights Outdoor

The anodized housing protects against corrosion from the elements. The shade for the LED’s is PVC and will not yellow. It is also heat resistant.

The HerrysHome Super Bright 48 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor uses a unique microwave motion detector that emits 1 mm to 1000 mm electromagnetic wave lengths so that it can detect moving objects.

The microwaves will penetrate objects and will work up to 32 feet with 360° detection area.

Again there are four operating modes. There is the dim and bright mode where the light is dim until motion detected and then it becomes bright.

The off and bright mode means that the light will be off until motion and then be bright.

The always on mode means that the light will come on in the dark and stay on at around 30% brightness.

The emergency mode will shine the brightest of lights for a full half an hour before switching off again.

The HerrysHome Super Bright 48 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor is a super performance solar lights outdoor. It costs more than the other two super performers in our list but the power is certainly worth it.

Pros of the HerrysHome Super Bright 48 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor

Customer review summaries:  

“Bright and illuminates a big area” – there were plenty of customers that stated their satisfaction with the brightness of this solar lights outdoor and the illumination area provided. Some said that it illuminated such a large area that other lights couldn’t compete.

“Sensor works really well” – there were a number of positive comments about how well the sensor worked compared to other solar lights outdoor. People felt that it was not as sensitive as some can be.

“Very well made and high quality” – most purchasers remarked that they thought the build quality of the HerrysHome Super Bright 48 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor was really good.

Cons of the HerrysHome Super Bright 48 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor

Customer review summaries:  

“Could not produce 1000 lumens” – one customer stated that the unit was unable to produce 1000 lumens even on a fully charged battery. The output was in the 800 lumens range. This was a minority comment.

“Stopped working” – two customers said that their HerrysHome Super Bright 48 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor stopped working after just a few weeks. This was just unlucky as most people did not report this problem.


Summing Up

All of the five solar lights outdoor in this review will work well for you. It is really a matter of what you are looking for. The first two are not as powerful as the others but low priced and will meet most needs.

Of the three high powered solar lights outdoor the Vagavo Solar Lights Outdoor provides very good power and has the advantage of the side lighting. If you are looking for extreme power and brightness then go for the HerrysHome Super Bright 48 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Outdoor

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