Total Solar Energy Consumption Globally

Even if we use just 1 or 2 percent of the 4 billion hectares to generate solar energy, we will become less dependent on fossil fuels. Currently, almost all the major countries in the world are encouraging the use of solar energy, but due to lack of infrastructure, full utilization is still not possible.

However, scientists all over the world are working hard to come up with a solution, so that there is no energy crisis in the future.

solar energy world use

The main reasons behind the sudden popularity of solar energy are:

1. Environment friendly: Every country is promoting solar energy mainly because of the fact that it is environment friendly. It will significantly reduce the carbon emissions, which in turn can save thousands of trees globally.

2. Reduce your electricity bills: This is also another major reason why home owners and commercial establishments are installing solar panels in their buildings. If you have a solar panel, you will be able to generate electricity completely free of cost. Even if you can’t completely become dependent on solar energy, it will still reduce your bills drastically.

3. Increase your home owner: Many people are also installing solar panels because it increases the value of your home. A home which is equipped with a solar panel is worth much more than non solar homes.

Hence, if you ever decide to sell your property in the future, installing a solar panel will be a wise decision.

4. Durable: The solar panels are extremely durable. Hence, if you invest on one of these, it will last a long time. They have been designed in such a way so that they can survive even during adverse weather conditions. And generally most of these solar panels comes with a long warranty period. Hence, even if something happens, you don’t have to worry.

Total Solar Energy Consumption Globally 1

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