Why is solar energy better than wind power?

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(1) Most people find it more appealing to have solar installed at their home, school or town hall than a huge wind turbine.  Similarly, the zoning laws that apply in many areas would not permit a wind turbine to be installed.

(2)  The sun shines in more places than the wind blows strongly.

(3)  Energy demand peaks at around 6 pm when people are returning home from school and using computers, TVs and appliances.  That time of day is not a peak production time for either resource; however, the wind blows the strongest in the middle of the night when electricity demand is relatively low, while solar is the strongest at mid-day when offices and factories need power.

(4)  Photovoltaic solar as is far less likely to harm birds or bats than the blades of a wind turbine.  Although, in my view, the concern about birds and bats and wind is often overblown as cats and skyscraper windows kill far more birds than wind turbines.

Note that wind costs significantly less to construct per Kilowatt of energy production capacity than solar does, so wind has an advantage in terms of cost.

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