Which is the indirect form of solar energy?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhich is the indirect form of solar energy?
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Which is the indirect form of solar energy? 5Admin answered 3 years ago
Wind energy:- As sun heats up atmospheric air it makes lifts up the air upside and cold air takes that place, hence this circulation of air results in wind.

Fossile Fules:- Natural gas, Oil & coal as these are deposits of premitive dead organisms, plant and tree which stored energy through photosynthesis from sun, deposited under the earth long time ago which now extracted.

Biomass (Plants):- Plants gets energy from sun through photosynthesis and being used in biogas and biomass.

Hydro Energy:- Rain water gets vaporised by solar heat and get condensed in the from of clouds. Which is then rjected as rain over the mountains as rain and snow. Which runs down with potential energy and becoming hydro power and hydal power plant.

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