What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

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What Are The Advantages Of Solar Panels?

the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

There are a number of benefits of installing solar panels. The most common ones are mentioned below:

  • Use Renewable Energy– Among ‘feel good’ benefits of when you ask about solar energy, the most important advantage is that solar energy is a renewable resource of energy. We can count on solar energy for as long as we have the sun shining.
  • Low maintenance– Using solar energy systems is relatively maintenance free. There are no moving parts to wear out. You just need to ensure the cleanliness of the solar panel glass surface to keep the PV system ready to be generating power for many years. You can clean the solar panels yourself or find cleaning companies to perform the necessary cleaning of the solar glass surfaces.
  • Reduced electricity bills- You will be generating solar energy to power up and light your home. As this comes from your solar panels instead of the grid, you can expect a decrease in your electricity bills. There are several factors that determine your energy savings, which include the size of the solar system and your power usage (amount and timing of use).
  • Durable- Solar energy systems are durable in nature. They can easily withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds and heavy snowfall. Since there are no moving parts, the systems are not damaged easily if the attachment bracketing is well secured.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Solar Panels?

There is no doubt that everything on this earth has its pros and cons. Similarly, there are some advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. Here are some disadvantages:


  • Weather Dependent– The amount of power from solar energy systems for powering appliances is dependent on the weather. The efficiency of solar systems drops on cloudy and rainy days. It would be assumed as obvious and taken into consideration that solar energy will not be generated during the night.
  • Needs Lots of Space– If you want to produce more electricity, you need to install more solar panels, or orientate the panels more efficiently to collect as much sunlight as possible, or use tracking technology. Panels are becoming more efficient but they still need well oriented roof space. The installation of a solar system requires sufficient roof space for the racking and the number of panels. Some house roofs are not spacious enough to fit the required number of solar panels needed to generate the output wattage.
  • Solar energy storage is expensiveThe battery storage systems required to store solar energy are relatively expensive. Their prices are coming down over time. Solar electricity is stored in battery banks, which are charged during the day so that the energy can be used at night. It is an effective way of using solar energy, but the initial cost of this component for such storage systems is high relative to the savings generated. Batteries last around 15 years and pay for themselves over a similar time frame.

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