Is solar energy in India considered successful?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsIs solar energy in India considered successful?
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The answer of this is subjective to how to see things. In the grand scheme of things, solar contributes about 3.8% to the total installed utility capacity in India where the majority of the power still comes from coal, contributing almost 60%.

However, in the last three years alone, India has been able to quadruple its solar generation capacity to 12.2GW in 2017. The Government of India has laid down a challenge of achieving at least 8% of total utility power totaling up to 175GW from renewable energy and solar is set to contribute a vast majority in the same with a target of 100GW.

In the last financial year alone, we have been able to add 5.5GW of solar energy and with the dropping costs and several government initiatives finally taking shape, solar will be widely used as a source of power. In terms of pure potential, India has one of the highest solar electricity production per watt installed owing to its position on the globe and the 300+ sunny days that the country experiences.

Therefore, while solar is still a baby in the grander scheme of things, this baby is growing fast and we definitely would expect it to grow up very soon and not just start running but also shouldering the maximum responsibility of power sector in the country.


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