How do I bring awareness for solar energy in our country?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsHow do I bring awareness for solar energy in our country?
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On an individual basis, you can create such an awareness by telling a layman about how we can utilize the energy from the sun,not everyone is a technical expert, so you need to keep your jargon plain and simple and tell them about how pollution is affecting the daily lives of the common people, the ways to curb it,the way a household in a village can be electrified off-grid,then about the government subsidies on purchase of Solar PV panels by Ministry of New and Renewable energy sources (MNRE), like for an instance 30% subsidy is being provided on installation of roof-top panels in residential as well as commerical facilities upto 100 KW under Jawaharlal Nehru Solar mission.

It’s all your presentation skills, how you educate the people around you. World bank Report on Electrification states that nearly 78% of the entire country is electrified and the remaining is to be done in order to achieve the target of 100% electrification. Providing grid infrastructure in the remotest parts of the country can be costly and not that feasible as such the only cost effective solution of providing electricity to the poorest of all is using roof-top solar panels, an off grid solution, plus solar panels are very easy to maintain.

You need to emphasize that india cannot become a developed country unless there is a balance maintained between the supply and demand of the electricity. The so called Make in India initiative by Narendra Modi would become a big failure if there is no electricity to run the big energy intensive industries and hence the acceleration of the growth of industries in india would come to an standstill.

You need power to fuel your economic growth with cheap and abundant electricity. Look at china, they are around 13 years ahead of us, its called as the “13 year divide”, china was almost equivalent to india in almost every parameter until 1980 after which they achieved a double digit growth rate for nearly two decades,improved its infrastructure, cheap labour and abundant/surplus power made china a global manufacturing hub, however on the downside its people are struggling for cleaner air, rivers are highly toxicated, china is the biggest dump of e-waste and that’s quite well known, so the need for renewable energy sources like Solar, wind etc is a must without compromising the economic development.

Development has to be a sustainable one without harming the environment. When you release carbon dioxide and other gases polluting the environment,it becomes a responsibility of the corporates and the people to plant equivalent number of tree saplings to absorb the released carbon dioxide.

FDI or foreign direct Investment and FII or Foreign Institutional Investors are critical to the country’s economic growth rate and they need a good infrastructure including abundant power supply, good roads, logistics etc. For which it is essential that the government spends capital on expanding its core industries of which power and coal are absolutely essential.

On an International scale, there’s been a huge criticism regarding india’s plan to further expand its coal fired power plants due to Green house gas emissions and global warming, you know the climate summit wants every country to cut down its GHG emissions in order to keep the temperature of the earth below 3 degrees celcious and for which India is going to bring about a balance of Renewable and Conventional sources of energy, to be precise a 40% of Renewable and 60% Conventional source by 2030 is india’s INDC in the paris climate summit COP21 and cut the GHG emissions by 30% of the 2005 levels as per Kyoto Protocol.


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